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[ openstart ] - eito by Twillywho
[ openstart ] - eito


ooh... application for my nasty kid... this group looks cute :'0
i unintentionally gave him naruto sandals help

Name: eito
Alias: none
Gender: male
Age: 18
Species: human (although a spiritually clairvoyant one!)
Height/Weight: 5'11" || 210 lbs (with all his stuff on... it weighs him down)
    ARCHIVIST || eito journeys the world asking the spirits he encounters about the history of the places he visits, and records them in his book. he hopes to return home one day with enough information to tell his clan about the rest of the world... although his ultimate dream is to sell it to everyone.
    (side job) FORTUNE TELLER || to make extra cash during his travels, eito offers fortune tellings for a fee. he boasts the ability to ask the spirits anything people'd like to know, and is known to be right a good portion of the time... although this may just be sheer luck!
Birthday: october 31st

Likes: history | birds | herb tea | ink wash painting | theater performance | tropical fruit | seafood
Dislikes: muggy weather | cats | brass instruments | hot-headed people | exorcists | sea travel | rain

    eito is a rather mysterious figure, wandering nomadic through the world. he notably refuses to inform anyone of his origins or why he settled in Prima, although it's not an incredibly dramatic story. in fact, he's quite bitter about it... and just about everything. a staunch believer in the supernatural (with good reason) and fate, he considers everything that goes wrong the fault of some higher power. in his opinion, everyone is out to get him, and due to his ability, he's superior and can fight his way through the odds stacked against him. he's quite proud of his unique ability, and is easily offended by those who view him as odd for it-- in his mind, because he's gifted, he'll be the one to come out on top when the odds turns against everyone. he's often one to quote karma when arguing with others... something he does quite frequently. eito is, simply, a nasty person, with a sharp tongue and staunch opinions. of course, he doesn't act this way-- outwardly, eito retains a mystical, pleasant demeanor, not revealing his poor attitude until he finds something he disagrees with. the fact that his mouth is rarely visible makes him look much more cute and pleasant than he actually is, a fact he uses to his advantage. he guiles people with a placid outward attitude, so that he can observe them (and much of the time swindle them out of money with fortune telling). in this way, he's very observant... although it may just be paranoia. in addition, although he's not aware, his affinity for spirits makes him very lucky.

    eito comes from a clan in a faraway land and now considers himself a nomad despite his settlement in Prima. gifted from birth with the rare ability to commune with spirits and the remnants of the dead, he was something of an outcast, and developed into quite a bitter person. the leaders of his clan noticed his incapability to communicate with other (humans, that is!) and fielded many complaints about how he creeped the other members of the community out, and thus gifted him with a mission-- eito was to travel the world, talking to the spirits and the dead he encountered to learn more about places outside his homeland. for years this is what he's been doing, filling out the many, many pieces of parchment and books he carries with him. eventually, though, he did settle in Prima, although it wasn't meant to last more than a month. the size of the city and surrounding forest, as well as the sheer number of settlements outside of it meant that he would have to do a lot of traveling, and it was easier to set up a base location in Prima and just head out every few days to a new place. thus he rented, with his meager nomad's fortune, a small house and a trader's booth. why the booth? after renting somewhere to live, eito found himself quite broke... but also found that many of the people who came through Prima to trade were very superstitious. with his spiritual ability, he could easily market himself as a fortune teller, although his 'fortunes' are mostly developed by eito observing people and basing guesses for the future on the past. for example, he might warn someone with a small purse to lay off the gambling.
    although he originally intended only to stay in Prima for a short time, it's now been almost a half a year. with a lucrative fortune telling business grown off his reputation, eito is quite affluent. he doesn't particularly like Prima, except for the fact that many who pass through are rich and there are many spirits hanging around it and in the surrounding areas. he assumes one day he'll move on again... although there's no telling when that will be.

Additional Info: 
             - under his bandana is... well, no one really knows! the most eito will tell anyone is that it's got runes written on it to prevent possession. spirits, in his explanation, enter through the mouth, and those attuned with the spiritual realm are more susceptible to possession. an aspect of the bandana he doesn't explain is that it limits his powers so that he can focus on only a few spirits at a time-- the spirit realm is vast, and constant exposure to it would likely drive him insane.
             - a side effect of his clairvoyance he greatly dislikes is that eito's almost entirely colorblind, or at least, all the colors except those of spirits or things related to spirits are incredibly washed out. turn up the saturation in your life, eito...
             - he considers spirits better than humans, and is quite sociable with them and respects them a lot. however, he hates when people try to use him to solve spirit-related problems, like possession.
             - with training, he could probably learn how to undo possession... but he has no interest. he knows how to directly summon spirits to help him, but he prefers not to get involved with stuff like that. (however, as sad as it is, he has a few spirits that he's really attached to, and will summon them by name to spend time with... make friends, buddy)
             - spirits are cold, and due to eito's near-continuous contact with them, he's begun to take on the characteristics of one. thus, he's always cold, and dresses like it's -30 out even in the summer.
             - he's super duper thrifty, and will do anything for money.
             - the bag he carries contains all of his belongings, however, unless he's venturing out of the city into the forest, he leaves it at home. at his waist he carries his only weapon, a short stone knife, as well as the book that he records most of his information in and an ink brush. the pouch on his right side contains charms to protect him from evil spirits, medicinal herbs, and ink.
             - he's pretty good at knife fighting, often having to protect himself on the road, but dislikes it greatly-- it makes him tired.

Roleplay Methods/Availability: 
            skype, google docs, and notes are all good, although i don't check dA as frequently i should so notes may not be the best...
            i'm fine with para/semi-para/lit/script... whatever! i do tend towards long replies though, but that's just my fault, haha...
            in cst and available during the day!
[ transyre ] - the high priest by Twillywho
[ transyre ] - the high priest
very late for the tarot event... i know the original card is high priestess but... nya
kinda in the style of dragon age tarot cards but like, not rly
nya by Twillywho
me: crawls out of hell at sporadic intervals to post yuri
theres no kiyoyachi tag on this website why
2015 art summary by Twillywho
2015 art summary
hmhm i managed to find pieces for every month somehow... i'm not that satisfied with my development but i hope in the future i can! improve more... yea. lots of yaoi in this thing


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im finn and im gay

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If you'd like to accept, I would absolutely adore if I could get a couple chibi commission, unshaded. (Which if I'm adding right should be 45 points. Pardon, Math in the morning is bad for me OTL)

I would like these two characters; Aloette: [link] and Zuté: [link] (Aloette is also in the picture, for a better reference of her outfit) I've got a quick reference for Allie if you'd like that as well, which I can note you~ [link] (another reference for Zuté) He belongs to my friend :iconppeacht:, we pair the characters together ; u; It's kinda a gift for her as well so if you wouldn't mind keepin' it on the DL until you finish I would very much like that. ; u; As far as pose ideas or anything, something kinda cute and cuddly or just kinda sweet in a way, like a hug or a smooch or something. I can be more specific but you're more than welcome to come up with the pose. ; u;

Lemme know if you need anything else! C:
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theyre very cute characters! i will do my best to make it cuddly and stuff :)
thank you so much!
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