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nya rawr by Twillywho
nya rawr
fun fact the only ref i could find for this pose was a pic of avril lavigne. the more you know.
anyway here's wonderwall by Twillywho
anyway here's wonderwall
ive been listening to cutie panther for like 3 hours, heres arlie
TRANSYRE :: arlie satou by Twillywho
TRANSYRE :: arlie satou

|†|  "The quantity of civilization is measured by the quality of imagination."  |†|


FULL NAME: arlie satou

SPECIES: human

GENDER: agender (they/them pronouns)

DATE OF BIRTH: july 14th

AGE: 18

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 140 lbs

OCCUPATION: barista / cashier at cafe, alt. cashier / baker at bakery or librarian ( potential to offer some sort of telegram service... with poetry. )

[ STATS: ]

INTELLIGENCE: 11 / 20 - Good

WISDOM:  05 / 20 - Okay

RESOLVE:  04 / 20 - Bad

STRENGTH:  03 / 20 - Still Bad

DEXTERITY:  03 / 20 - Worse

MAGIC:  09 / 20 - Average

PRESENCE:  11 / 20 - Good

CHARISMA:  08 / 20 - Average

INFLUENCE:  08 / 20 - Average



[ way with words ] - arlie is a self-proclaimed master poet; able to weave words in unusual ways to entrance an audience... or simply express their current angst. they're actually pretty good and will wax poetic about just about anything, often spending much of their free time spinning up new verses. their body is often covered in ideas, scribbled in pen.

[ historia ] - a buff for history and seemingly useless facts, when arlie isn't writing poetry they're perusing available resources for new information. the most interesting subjects to them are history, both world and american, and more prevalently the supernatural and folklore. they are very superstitious, and tend to see history from an fantastical, idealistic view.


[ lackadasical ] - coming with their affinity for poetry and imagination is the fact that arlie is very easily distracted. their head seems to be in the clouds much of the time, and if one manages to get them to pay attention, their only typical contributions are some flowery verse spouted off that vaguely relates, too cryptic and irritating to untangle in high-tension scenarios.

[ dealt a bad hand ] - arlie's left arm is amputated below the elbow and has been since they were very young; it developed incorrectly and was removed to prevent issues as they grew. as they've lived without it for so long, they know how to operate with only one arm, however... it does pose problems throughout their life, obviously. operating machinery or certain weapons is difficult, for example.


arlie did not arrive with a weapon, but is now in possession of a [ long spear ] with a sturdy wooden handle and a metal tip. it is barbed at the tip and easy for them to operate with one arm. they favor it for the symbolism of spears in mythology.


[ poetic | philosophical | old-fashioned | occasionally cryptic | distant | pessimistic | not dedicated | judgmental ]

arlie describes themself as a poet, and indeed, they are one. they think of most everything in terms of symbolism, providing thoughtful (if not sometimes annoyingly crpyic ) insight on situations they're thrown into. a tree becomes a sign of growth, a broken plate represents the futility of life. their interpretations can get dark, as indeed they are quite pessimistic, to an irritating degree when the situation gets especially stressful. in dire straits, they're more likely to start lecturing about the folly of mankind and ask 'why expound effort when not needed?'

however, in more calm situations, they're perfectly content to go on about the future, hope, creativity, flowers... whatever strikes their fancy. they remain philosophical in these times as well, although obviously not as darkly! they'll open conversations with a question, like one from a conversation starter book- 'if you had to choose to turn a train on a group of unfamiliar people or one person you loved, which would you pick?' that sort of thing. arlie seems genuinely interested in the answers to these questions... but not much else. do they take anything realistically? it's hard to tell, but their disconnection from reality seems to... well, disconnect them from others on occasion. despite this, their odd attitude does seem to draw people in, as does their skill with words. they'll tell tales of grandeur from their life... even if those things never actually happened.

they speak in a strangely old-fashioned way, taking ages to get to the point. if something bores them, they'll drop it and move on to something else, leaving them with pages and pages of unfinished poetry and projects. however, this doesn't mean they're useless-- as stated in strengths, they're very knowledgeable about most everything from the american revolution to chinese folktales. finally, they look down on people with no creativity, viewing it as the driving force in the world. those without it are useless to society.


arlie's life is not as exciting as they'll make it out to be. in fact, their constant fabrication of their experiences is due to their incredibly boring childhood. the middle child of three, they were largely set aside in favor of their younger and older siblings, only focused on when it came to their disability and the help that everyone thought they needed. they became quite bitter due to this, not wanting to be babied but wanting to be paid attention to at the same time. ideally, people would listen to them and think they were deep and thought-provoking... and so arlie set out to fill their brain with facts that they could spout out to impress people.

they turned to poetry as an outlet to rid themselves of their Teen Angst, drawing inspiration from their own experiences and... well, basically anything. their odd demeanor distanced them from people at school, which was not their goal, but unsure how to get closer to others they simply made do with the few classmates that could stand their constant philosophizing. they appreciate the idea of unread poetry, the dark, brooding artist isolated from society, and so adopted this viewpoint and became... edgy.

however, they weren't that good at being edgy. their attempts ended up with them drawing from literature to create a persona, one they could be happy with. their jealousy and need for attention was dropped in favor of this persona-- the otherworldly litterateur, born to the wrong time period, the mysterious and thoughtful poet. with this in mind, they found themself quite happy with their current situation and contented themself with isolation from their peers. 

at age eighteen, they had been accepted into college to dual-major in literature and history. however, this is also the time that their life (got flipped) turned upside-down, with a trip into the woods. compared to others, it may seem a pretty dull reason-- seeking inspiration for their writing, they wandered deeper and deeper into unfamiliar territory... until they tripped, fell (how symbolic!) and tumbled into town, entirely unsure and yet quite interested in this new development their life had taken! after all, surely it must mean something important... if not ominous.




+ poetry
+ musical theater
+ birds
+ tattoos
+ folklore
+ any all-natural or organic food


- science and math
- the color black
- fish
- normalcy (thanks, edgemaster)
- the smell of mint
- coffee


  • arlie is japanese on their mother's side and irish on their father's
  • they get cold easily, and tend to layer clothing heavily. however, this doesn't mean they're good at matching prints... i mean, look at them.
  • they have several tattoos: one is a quote (the one at the top of the app, from victor hugo) on their shoulder-blade, coupled with scattered feathers down their right arm, and finally a small bunch of flowers at their wrist, usually concealed by their sleeve.




CHATROOM AVAILABILITY: truth be told i've never rped on deviantart before, and i'm unsure how the chatrooms work. however, i'll be present most evenings. i'm available on skype almost constantly to rp or chat!

IM AVAILABILITY: skype and notes both work, although skype is better!

SKYPE NAME: doomstrudels - please tell me who you are and that you're from the group before adding me!

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: (i can do script or lit, although i do lit more!)

A summons had arisen, a commotion outside. Something that should have summoned Arlie from their furious writing, and yet... they were quite occupied indeed. A verse had come to them, an idea inspired by a tree blowing in the breeze that they had seen. Sure, to most it would not seem the greatest of ideas, but they were determined that they could warp it into something magical-- ha, magical, how fitting!

The call rises again and they sigh, biting down on the pen cap in their mouth before ending their line with a flourish... and then returning to add more. "A breath... ?" they mutter, squinting at the paper. "No, no... more like... a gust, an exhalation, ah, perfect... !"

All of that probably means something to them? One would hope, at least.

Satisfied with their work, anyway, they shove the pen into their pocket, sling their greatcoat over their shoulders and whisk from their lodgings, a zephyr of cinnamon-scented air. Surely something important awaited outside... which they were now late for. Thanks, Arlie!






i've never really applied to a group on deviantart before, so please correct me if i'm doing something wrong! thank you for reading this long-winded thing... jeesh.



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im finn and im gay

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